Goexch 9 Terms and Conditions, Policies

The Terms of Service outlined on this page are an integral part of the accessing “Agreement”. The users have to agree on the facts before playing online gambling at Goexch9.com. We never encourage people to use our website if anything listed on our terms and conditions doesn’t meet their contentment.

Conditions for Using the Goexch9 Website and Our Casino Services

Those can only use the Goexch9 com Site and Services who are at least 18 years old as per legal requirements in the jurisdiction. It is illegal to access Goexch 9 for those who are underage. Anyone who is not of legal age should immediately discontinue using this online gaming portal.

Activities That Goexch9 Do Not Entertain

When you use the Goexch9.in Site, you agree not to do certain things or let others do them:

  • Don’t try to get personal information from other users or visitors.
  • Don’t use the Site or the Services for anything illegal.
  • Please do not try to modify or copy the Site’s code.
  • Avoid using automated techniques to harvest information from the Site.
  • Don’t give out any information on the Site or the Services to third parties.
  • Avoid uploading any malicious software or data to the Site.
  • Please do not copy or sell any of the Site’s material.
  • Do not share the software with anyone.
  • Do nothing that could harm the Site’s reputation.

Your Undertakings and Representations

When you visit or use the Goexchange9 website, you confirm that:

  1. You are old enough to use it legally.
  2. You’ll only use the Site for personal reasons, not for business.
  3. You’ve checked the laws and won’t do anything illegal with the Site.
  4. You’ll follow the rules of the Agreement.
  5. Using the Site for any illegal purposes should not be your intention.
  6. You will only use one account and never pretend to be somebody else.

Gaming Services Policies

The Site and services are meant for your entertainment only. Accessing Goexch9.com is legal only in places without law restrictions against gambling. It is not your responsibility to make sure the users follow the laws where you live for using our e-gambling site. The ability to access the Site doesn’t mean playing casinos in restricted locations is legal. If you use Gaming Services, players agree that:

  • You understand that you might lose money when you gamble
  • You know there are risks involved
  • You’re responsible for any losses.
  • The Site doesn’t give legal advice about gambling laws.
  • While we talk about gaming and gambling, we don’t tell you to do it. It’s your decision.


We want to make it clear that everything on the website: including the services and the material comes with an “as is” disclaimer. This means that Goexchange9 takes no responsibilities concerning the functioning of the website or our services and materials for you. 

Therefore, we do not guarantee that the Site and/or Services will work perfectly fine to your liking; or provide uninterrupted services even if it is absolutely safe or free of any human error. Another thing is that we cannot make any guarantee about the defect-free quality of the Site, Goexch Mobile app, Services and Materials.